Sunday, October 20, 2013

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Usborne Book Suggestions

I have had a number of friends ask about using Usborne Books to supplement Classical Conversations. I decided to go ahead and make a list of books that tie in nicely with what Classical Conversations is learning this year (cycle 2). These books are great for all students, whether they are in a classroom setting or in home school of any kind. I have only included those that fit alongside the CC Cycle 2 subjects. I plan to have a list for cycle 3 out before too long for those who want to prepare for next year. This list is NOT an official list from Usborne nor from Classical Conversations. Please feel free to share this and to let me know if you find Usborne books you feel should be added. 

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World ("From the first farmers of the Middle East to the rise of mighty empires in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome") -
Encyclopedia of World History ("Find out about dinosaurs, the first humans, Ancient Egypt, the Aztec Empire, Medieval Europe, the First World War and many more fascinating subjects.")
Medieval World ("Follow the Crusades to the Holy Land, explore China with Marco Polo and visit a Mayan ball game. Find out how a knight trained for battle, who invented fireworks and who the Vandals were.")-
Living Long Ago: Everyday Life Through the Ages
Castles (Level 1)
Sticker Dressing: Knights
Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare
World of Shakespeare
Sticker Dressing: Explorers
Story of Exploration
A Tale of Two Cities (Set during the French Revolution)
The Story of Inventions
See Inside Inventions
The World Wars
Introduction to the First World War
True Stories of the First World War
Story of the Second World War
Second World War Cards
True Stories of the Second World War
See Inside the Second World War
Sticker Dressing: Second World War
Fighter Planes

Impressionist Sticker Book
Impressionist Paintings Cards
Famous Paintings
Children's Book of Art
Art Sticker Book

First Encyclopedia of Science
Illustrated Dictionary of Science
Science Encyclopedia
Living World Encyclopedia ("To emphasize how living things interact with each other and their ever-changing natural world, this informative first reference book is arranged by environments and habitats. Every page is packed with wonderful full-color illustrations and fascinating information about plants and animals and the way they live.")
Science with Water
World of Animals
Big Book of Animals
Mysteries & Marvels of Nature
The Great Animal Search
First Encyclopedia of Space
Look Inside Space
Discovery: Space
Discovery: Astronomy
Living in Space (Level 2)
100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky
Astronomy and Space Sticker Book

Geography -
World History Sticker Atlas
Children's Picture Atlas
Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World Atlas-

First Illustrated Math Dictionary
Math Puzzles
Wipe Clean First Math

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