Monday, January 16, 2012

Nashville Weekend

This weekend was our last time visiting Nashville for the next couple of months. I have grown accustomed to going back to visit at least one weekend (usually two) a month ever since we moved further east this past May. While I really am sick of the drive there and back, it had been so nice to be able to stay so connected with friends and enjoy all the things we love about Nashville. However, being 8 months pregnant and Mike being so busy in school this semester, it is just not realistic to keep it up. Thankfully, our weekends away came to a temporary end with a boom. It was *such* a fun and busy weekend from getting together with my book club girls to brunch with bunches of friends. We ate at some of our favorite places, attended a friend's art show/reception, and (my favorite parts) had 2 baby showers! One was a surprise for a dear friend who is pregnant with her third daughter and shares a due date with me. It was so much fun to treat her to a girl’s night out at a favorite restaurant and remind her of how loved and dear she is. I was honored to be a part of putting it together.

Then on Sunday I was once again honored, but this time by my beautiful sister who threw a shower for me despite the fact that she just gave birth a little over a month ago! Amazing!

It was a cookies & milk party with a winter theme. Beautiful AND delicious.

It meant so much to me that so many friends came. I felt so loved by my Nashville community last night that it almost made me cry. Not that that is anything new to have me cry, but still.

We had planned on coming home after the shower, but decided to stay one more night and have pizza and games with family. It was a wonderful ending to a fabulous weekend. And I am quite impressed with all the great gifts I received. My family and I are so blessed to know so many beautiful people. Thank you, thank you! to all who came out.

We had a variety of 13 kinds of cookies, chocolates, berries, dipped marshmallows, and some more salty snacks in the kitchen for those who are less sugar inclined.
Our party favor for everyone to take home was a pretty take out box for people to fill with cookies they liked best. And I am in love with the little milk bottles/striped paper straws we had for the drinks.

We had cold pitchers of local milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and caramel vanilla iced latte's. YUM!

It was all so beautiful and satisfactory to all the sugary cravings I have had this pregnancy.
And I have to add that this morning I found my husband eating leftover muddy buddies (aka puppy chow to some) with milk as his cereal....yikes....


  1. oh and I am so so thrilled that everyone honored you and baby Hans in this special way! I love anyone who loves and cares for you!