Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snake Bubbles!

I have been much less involved with Elijah in the way of projects and school time these last 5 weeks so yesterday when he quietly asked me if we could do a science experiment together I decided I should. So I went to find something quick and easy online. I knew it needed to be something with stuff we already had and that I could put together while holding a baby. As soon as i saw this I knew it would be a hit. Its not a science experiment, but if I had varying kinds of woven materials such as cheesecloth, it totally could have been (thanks for the idea for next time, mom! :o).

All you need is a water bottle that you can cut the end off of, an old rag or wash cloth you can cut, a rubber band, and some dish soap with water. It was fast, easy for him to do without my help. Plus, it was a good way to get him outside after watching waaaaaaay too much Spiderman on netflix.
Clearly he needed to get out... :o)

It worked!

And Hansi and I had fun watching

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  1. oh wow, that's a wild snake bubble. my boys would love it!