Monday, December 5, 2011

Pregnancy Tears

I am 27 weeks pregnant and it is beginning to be obvious in all aspects of my life: my size, my aches and pains, my poor sleep, my eating habits, etc. Today, it has made itself especially clear with my emotions. I tend to cry easily, but when I am pregnant, wow. Hot mess doesn't even begin to describe it. I am feeling really good and positive about life in general these days and nothing that I cried about was sad. Nothing. They were all tears of joy and/or hope and I am glad for that.

This morning I cried thinking about the fact that my beautiful sister is about to give birth to her third child. Mike and I have her 2 kids here with us for the week so she and her husband may have a break before the baby comes and/or so we will already have the kids should she go into labor this week. I woke up thinking about how amazing and precious this time in our lives is and how I love that we are going through it together. Tears.

A few hours later I got a some texts from a dear friend. She and her husband have been in the adoption process for years and finally things are coming together to bring their sweet girl home from Ethiopia. Seeing the face of their baby in picture form really got the tears flowing. Tears of nothing but joy. So, so beautiful.

Then it got ridiculous.

I cried while watching a Ron Paul video.

I cried hanging an ornament on the tree of my best friend back home and her son.

I cried while watching videos of Peter Paul and Mary performing at civil rights movements.

I cried an hour later when Peter Paul and Mary were still performing on PBS but this time for little kids and at each others wedding.

Right now I kind of want to cry because it is 5 minutes 'til midnight and im hungry. Really, really hungry. But, instead of crying, I shall be proactive and close the computer to find something to eat.

What makes you cry?

*edit* I went on to cry about something that actually is sad that is going on in someones life. But then i regressed back and started to cry at the end of last weeks episode of Community.
Yikes. Time for bed...

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  1. Tee hee, this made me giggle...sorry for laughing but you are so cute. love you!