Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving Between Units...

Moving day arrived quickly and I am SO very thankful for the help we got from our friends Dave & Allison and my awesome sister and sister in law. Seriously, I have the coolest people in my life. We got to Asheville late at night and decided not to face the music until the next day. But not before going to s cute little diner for breakfast. :o)

I tried to pack the boys, but decided to keep them around with us...

I decided to take a break from the unit studies during unpacking/the holidays, but still wanted to do school. I took this time to focus on things Elijah was less confident in and to stick with the basics. We started learning how to tell him and did a lot of reading together. We also spent a lot of cold days making forts inside. 


We also had days where we learned all about Christmas and Hanukkah, which was special and fun. I absolutely love these holidays.

And I did random things around the house, trying to keep things fun for Elijah during the transition. This was my favorite :o)

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