Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thankfulness and sorrow

Today I am thankful for sunshine and for life. For the way my boys' hair gets super curly after a bath and the fact that we have plenty of warm water to bathe them in. I'm thankful for friends whom I fully trust to watch my children. I'm thankful for my littlest son's naptime and for coffee. I am thankful for school days with my eldest that go smoothly and happily and that I get to be such a big part of his educational experience. I'm thankful for a husband that makes me laugh on a daily basis and keeps life fun and bright. I'm thankful for so many things this week and it comes at a time when I have friends who are deeply mourning the loss of loved ones. It's so hard to keep in mind that our life here is temporary. That our souls go on and we leave people behind. It's easy for me to get so heavy hearted when loved ones are hurting that I cannot allow myself to celebrate the good that still is here. But certainly we must have balance... Right? I mean, if we spend our days mourning only the injustices and hardships, then isn't it a bit of a waste? There is a season for everything, to be sure. Right now, I am working on loving those around me and having compassion and sorrow for their pain, but also to remember why we are here and to love and rejoice. Trying to celebrate this life and each day we have with each other is not always easy, but I do think it is necessary. Thoughts?

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