Friday, May 9, 2014

Asheville: I love you

My first impressions of Asheville were that it rained all the time, the hippies were just as pretentious as the hipsters of Nashville, and that it was expensive. It didn't take long for my views to change though. It did rain all the time, but that's because it was January of the rainiest year Asheville had experienced in years. Sure, I had a Portlandia like experience when I forgot to bring my own back to Greenlife once and I got glared at every now and then for having my baby in a stroller rather than an ergo, but for the most part, those hippies turned out to be pretty awesome. Maybe a little low on iron, which could make anyone grumpy. But really, for the most part, the people of Asheville are kind, interesting, and generous. The people here want to be here and that results in a really cool sense of community awareness and pride. 
Our time here has been full of adventure, beautiful friendships, amazing food, and so much fun. I feel like I have learned so much about myself here and really found a focus of how we want to raise our children. 
I'm getting sentimental about leaving this place, so I have a feeling there will be a few entries about this place over the next week until we leave. For now, I leave you with these- a few pictures that sum up what I will think of when I think back on our time in AVL (if only I had a picture of 12 Bones or 9 Mile...).

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